Approach and Purpose of the Institute


On May 27, 2021, the Association "Institut für Internationales Steuerrecht/Institute for International Taxation e.V." was founded at the University of Finance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Association, which is the legal entity of the Institute of the same name, serves non-profit purposes and is recognized as tax-privileged (Notice in accordance with Section 60a (1) AO of the Lüdinghausen Tax Office dated 15.10.2021).


The Institute has the purpose of enhancing dialogue between persons active in legislation, administration, jurisdiction, science, tax professions, companies and in research and teaching in the field of International Tax Law, and of fostering cooperation with all persons and institutions active in the field of International Tax Law.


Furthermore, the Institute aims:

  • to promote research and teaching in the field of International Tax Law and the implementation of tax science findings in practice in the field of International Tax Law,
  • to conduct and promote basic and practice-oriented tax law research,
  • to comment on questions regarding International Tax Law, and
  • to establish and maintain cross-border tax law associations which pursue the same purposes as the Institute.



The objectives of the Institute shall be realized by:

  • Providing information on the areas of International Tax Law by organizing information events and other information carriers;
  • Expanding the expertise of all specialists in International Tax Law by establishing forums, discussion groups, seminars and conferences, as well as by publishing articles in domestic and international publications on special problems in the fields of International Tax Law;
  • Organizing conferences and local workshops and seminars;
  • Conducting research projects.


It is of particular concern to us to bring together the various professional groups working in the field of International Tax Law in joint training events and to stimulate and deepen exchange and discussion.